A 7-Step Journey

to Regain Your Balance

and Inner Strength

“This unique step-by-step guide is a life changing gift from the heart!”

JULIE ANN TURNER, best-selling author of GENESIS OF GENIUS

Shifting Out Of Chronic Stress

Shifting Out Of Chronic Stress by Danielle Sax

"Shifting Out Of Chronic Stress" will help you to:


  • Understand exactly what the real cause of your chronic stress is.
  • Finally, find a way to end the struggle and stress of not being good enough.
  • Learn step-by-step how to regain your inner balance and claim your self-worth.
  • Live fully connected with who you are and feel stronger than ever before in your mind, body and spirit.

What others are saying

Danielle’s book is a valuable, easy-to-follow guide of proven, stress-busting tips and ideas that can be used by anyone having to deal with excessive pressure over a period of time.

Carol Spiers, UK

President of the International Stress Management Association

Danielle, I connected with every single word… it felt that it was my story and I was completely enlightened. I cannot express what an amazingly positive impact you have had on me through your words. I thank you with all my being!

Jane, UK

From the first chapter I was already confronted with myself and needed my handkerchief. I love your work!”

Mireille, Belgium

Danielle Sax is like a lighthouse that guides people from the sea of chronic stress to the shores of self-love and self-care. Her book is written with empowerment and authenticity of having navigated this journey herself.

Tracie Sage, USA

Your book has helped me tremendously and I passed it on to my daughter who will find a lot of helpful insights for her own journey! Thank you so much!

Chantal, Belgium

The first step of your 7-step journey has been already life-changing! Thank you

Julie, South Africa

This book is for any person who has had to live with the real pain of chronic stress and it’s effects on the mind and body. I have known Danielle for years. I know her heart, her desire to help and her skill and ability as revealed in these pages

Paul Martinelli

International Speaker and Trainer

I am enjoying every page of your work, it is truly inspiring to treasure oneself and recognise our own self-worth!

Cathy, USA

This wonderful book is the rare combination of solid research, professional knowledge and personal experience that results in an inspired work of great wisdom.  

Lisa Bloom, USA

Discover How to

  • End the struggle with worry and fear
  • Set your boundaries with respect toward yourself and others
  • Live in harmony with others and yourself
  • Find out exactly who you are and what you want
  • Experience more energy and personal freedom in these demanding times

This book is written for

  • Those who are stressed out by the demands of their environment and who want to get control over their life and embrace self-leadership.
  • Sensitive Professionals who feel depleted and are living on autopilot
  • Professional women who are giving so much to others and forget to give to themselves

What about a SNEAK PEAK

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The 7-Steps

Each step will have a serious impact on your well-being. They are designed to reverse your destructive patterns/habits, replacing them with empowering ones.

  1. Taking responsibility for yourself
  2. Examining your truth with honesty
  3. Choosing your focus
  4. Being aware of your words
  5. Developing empowering habits
  6. Making self-love your source
  7. Practicing ongoing conscious self-care


Visit my site DanielleSax.com if you want more information about what I do and who I am.


The Author

Danielle Sax, physiotherapist, developed this 7-step process after recovering from a debilitating stress-related illness.

Sharing her authentic story and experise, she shows you how you too, like hundreds of others, can prevent or handle any serious stress situation by mastering all aspects of conscious self-care.

This handbook as everything you need to say goodbye to crippling stress for good and live the loving, authentic and meaningful life that you deserve.

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