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7-steps to shift

From Barely Surviving
to Consciously Thriving

Stop your stress

before it stops you!

  • The World Health Organization calls stress "the" health epidemic.

  • Newspaper headlines talk about teenagers suffering from burn-outs.

  • More people than ever before are feeling out of balance and seeking help.

  • cover Shifting Out Of Chronic Stress

    How to address chronic stress for a healthy life?

    Chronic stress depletes and destroys you. Thus, we cannot afford to leave it unattended. We need to treat it.

    Although quick fixes, such as medication or meditation, temporarily relieve your stress, they are not a long-term solution to chronic stress; we must address the source of the problem from within ourselves.

    A long lasting solution to stress.

    Danielle Sax, shows the readers how to use her 7-step method to cope with any major stress scenario for ever.

    By mastering all aspects of conscious self-care, your life will never be the same again.

    But hey, see what other coaches are saying about the book

    Paul Martinelli

    This book is for you or anyone you care about who lives with chronic stress and its effect on the mind, body and spirit.

    Paul Martinelli,
    International speaker and trainer.

    Lisa Bloom

    Shifting Out of Chronic Stress is a relevant, moving and inspired gift that will help each one of us create a more healthy life."

    Lisa Bloom,

    International Story Coach

    Christian Simpson

    Danielle Sax reveals her journey with one purpose in mind, to equip you to live life at its most rewarding."

    Christian Simpson,

    International Coach and Trainer

    Julie Ann Turner

    This unique step-by-step guide is a life changing gift from the heart to reclaim your birthright to inner peace and balance."

    Julie Ann Turner,

    Bestselling Author

    After following the 7-steps in this book, 

    your life will never be the same again. 

    Each chapter:

  • explains one step in details

  • includes real stories to help you understand the concept

  • includes exercises to practice the step in real-life scenarios

  • Who is this book for:

  • people taking care of everyone but never take time for themselves

  • those who can't say no to others, even when they are exhausted

  • people feeling not good enough

  • What you will learn:

  • you can't change the external circumstances

  • you can only change your world by changing yourself

  • 7 steps to change the way you think, speak and focus

  • Take your first step today

    The 7 steps, described in the book, have guided the author's clients across the globe to feel alive, joyful, and worthy again. They will do the same for you.

    You can read many testimonials from her clients on DanielleSax.com

    So, take your first step.

    • Buy the book (Kindle $3,71 - Paperback $19,63)

    • or download for free, the first and most crucial step that will change your life.

    Buy the book

    Start With The First and Most Important Step to True Success Today!

    My name is Danielle Sax. I've helped thousands of people to feel fully alive, joyful and worthy again and so can you.

    • I understand how my clients are feeling, as I have suffered from a stress-related illness myself.

    • I am passionate about helping my clients to overcome their challenges.

    • As a physiotherapist, I have a deep understanding of how the body works.

    • I am constantly studying how our mind affects us.

    • I have refined my coaching process over 30 years.

    • My mission is to inform people about the harmful consequences of stress and the need for self-care.

      I use writing, speaking, and radio hosting to spread my message all around the world. 

    Enjoy the journey and please feel free to contact me to let me know how you are doing.

    I sincerely care and look forward to “your” shift out of chronic stress!

    PS: if you want more information about what I do or me, visit daniellesax.com


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